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COVID-19 China: People start to go outdoors as outbreak eases

People in Beijing and Shanghai are going outside for the first time in months as warmer weather coincides with a gradual easing of fears across China about the coronavirus. It comes days after China reported no new domestic transmissions of Covid-19, a major milestone in the country’s fight against the pandemic

“Now I think the epidemic has been controlled, but this definitely doesn’t mean that it’s over.
I’m willing to go out today but of course I am still afraid.” – A grandmother in Shanghai.

“Before when I was staying at home I was too scared to go out. I was really frightened.
Today, of course, it’s a bit warmer now but also the country has controlled this outbreak fairly well and people are generally good at protecting themselves.
I can come here in peace and relieve my boredom. ” – One person declared while going out for a walk in the central park.

All recent confirmed cases are now imported from abroad and they will be in quarantine at the airport.
People start to feel safe again and the the economy starts to recover gradually.

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